ShriBhat0105 I'm Single But My Heart Is Committed
He is not the only guy in this universe....... But he is the only one that matters........... Waiting is the sign of true love....
Ricegod03 Ricegod system
Tyrese was a black boy living a depressed life until he happenen to get hit by a stone... first time writing anything so don't read
IyanaJean Switched at Death
She has always relied on herself, because everyone is out for themselves. When she was diagnosed with schizophrenia her family tossed her away. Leaving her to a drunk psychiatrist only concerned with his next paycheck. All this time she's been told the mages aren't real, and that she's crazy. And all this time she has dealt with it alone. One day she has another schizophrenic episode. Only this time...
beryella Love Me Again, Wife!
Second chances aren't freebies we can claim at retail stores. There are no restart buttons. There are no controls to undo everything. For Min Jae, it was simply game over. It was already too late when he realized everything. Is there any way he could make things right again? Note: I don't own the graphics in the cover. All credits for the photo belong to the creator.

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